A sound and object installation at PIRPA Art Space in Copenhagen, 30th September - 5th November 2016.

Some buildings from the old vegetable market in Valby, Copenhagen stand still and look as if they were left yesterday. Some have already been torn down, and piles of chewed up materials are rising up behind the remaining buildings. Along this landscape stands finished concrete modules ready to be put together, for the future, for new people and with new street names.
Here in temporality the Døgner has begun nesting, here is a special tranquility found only in places like hanging in the air between two times. With (temporary artspace) PIRPA as the center it circles around gathering, shiny things for his supply stock and home, and pieces of sound that he hangs up as if they were pictures. The nest becomes a subtle monument of parallel timelines that has been left and vibrates after Døgneren has moved on.

Each of the 4 audio tracks is an edited string of collected sounds were playing on various speakers

Below is some shaky video documentation from the space

Døgner is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Flyer for closing event:
(sounds to come!)

Photos on this page by Cai-Ulrich Von Platen and Christian Hansen