209 Reality Samplers, box with 3 tapes, tracklists and prints available on Infinite Waves Webshop for 16 €

The Reality samplers are 3 musical instruments designed respectively to play locations with water, elements of architecture and horizontal surfaces e.g. pavements.
To present the project in a gallery space I decided to record the instruments on suitable locations and present the locations as songs on vinyl LPs.

The Architar
a guitar that plays on architecture and interior. The instrument consist of the neck and strings of a guitar designed to be mounted on and buildings and objects. By constituting the body of a guitar, surroundings reveal their physical presence through timbre.

From the Shower to the Radiator:

alt : http://www.209.dk/files/from-the-shower-to-the-radiator.mp3

The Traffic Cone Flute
a 15-meter waterhose is connected to the top of a traffic cone in
one end and a flute in the other. When the traffic cone is sunken in to
water it will push air up through the hose in to the recorder.

On A Bridge Over A Pond Under A Concrete Highline

alt : http://www.209.dk/files/on-wooden-bridge-over-pond-under-concrete-highline.mp3

The Keyboardskateboard
a musical keyboard with the trucks and wheels of a skateboard. In separated forms these two inventions are known respectively to provide handy and reliable transportation and cheap, synthesized sounds on a flat piano-like interface.

...down a Walkalator

alt : http://www.209.dk/files/down-a-walkalator-in-pernis.mp3

Video of the instrument tests are here: